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The Importance of Facebook Ads

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Facebook Marketplace with over 2.74 billion monthly active users, is world’s most popular social media platform. Facebook Ads are the most effective way to reach your Facebook followers and create visibility around your business online. You can pay by clicks, by impressions, or by leads generated. And Facebook’s powerful targeting options will ensure that you’re only reaching the people most likely to be interested in your business. In order to run successful Facebook ads, it’s important to keep an eye on performance, testing different approaches and strategies as you go along to see what works best. In this article, we’ll talk about how to effectively refresh your Facebook ads and why it’s so essential to do so!

Step 1 – Learn Your Stats

Step 1 to refreshing your Facebook ads is learning what’s currently working and what isn’t working. This will require you to analyze all of your stats: website visits, traffic sources, engagement rates, sales numbers, social media mentions, and more. Once you know these key numbers for each campaign and ad set, it will make it much easier to come up with a game plan for moving forward. For more ideas visit complete guidelines for Facebook ads.

Step 2 – Set up the campaign

All Facebook ads, regardless of whether you’re promoting a Page, an app, or a product, should use objective-based bidding. First, create your campaign with a daily budget set to $0.00 as you can change that at any time. Next, select Website Conversions from the campaign objective drop-down menu; and fill out whatever other information you want in your ad set before clicking Save and Finish.

Step 3 – Plan Your Content

Write down 3-5 headlines that could potentially go with your guide. Let’s say you wrote Quickly Refreshing Facebook Ads. Then your headlines could be; The Dos and Don’ts of refreshing Facebook ads, How to Refresh Your Facebook Ads, etc. Copy and paste these headings into a Google Doc or a Word document and write a bit about each one under each headline, so you can remember what you’re going to cover in your guide.

Step 4 – Think About What You Want Your Target Market To Do

what action do you want them to take after reading your content? In other words, what’s your call to action? You can use a variety of calls to action on LinkedIn: Request an email briefing from me. Download my latest marketing report (see below for a template). Book me for an upcoming speaking engagement. Ask me about my coaching services or consulting packages. Subscribe to my newsletter.

Step 5 – Craft Your Targeting Options

This is a whole post on its own, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads if you need help getting started. All you need to know right now is that if your ads are not performing well and traffic is too low, it might be time to refresh your targeting options.

Step 6 – Get Familiar With New Functionality And Targeting Options.

There are several new targeting options for businesses, including Mobile App Install and Video Views. If you have a mobile app or video product, test out these new options. Make sure to target only those who aren’t already your fans, however; if you are paying to show ads to people who are already fans of your page, then it defeats part of the purpose.

Step 7 – Check Out All Ad Images

Change up your ad images. This is a key strategy to refresh your ads and get new people looking at them. The only problem is, it takes a lot of time if you do it yourself because you have to check out every single image. There are solutions for that! For example, I use PicMonkey to make all my banner images quickly and easily.

Step 8 – Review Copywriting

Optimize for keywords and intent. Write a short paragraph or two about each search term. You can either write about a specific solution to your searcher’s pain point or describe your keyword in your own words (which will help you come up with better headlines). If you can, use multiple different variations on how to search for each keyword – e.g., Facebook advertising guide vs. how to refresh Facebook ads vs. Facebook ads audit guide, etc.

Step 9 – Refine Targeting Further

If your campaign isn’t meeting its goals, it’s time to do a little digging. To refresh your ads, look at what you have targeted and try targeting a different location, age group, or even audience that you haven’t tried before. And if your budget is too low for certain types of ads, consider boosting posts instead. This way you can get more exposure without spending much more money.


Why Refresh Your Facebook Ads? Have you ever gone through your advertising campaigns on a weekly basis to refresh your ads and make sure they’re still relevant? It’s easy to forget about all those groups, apps, and pages you created in 2013—and even easier to neglect any updates or changes over time. Refreshing your advertising campaigns allows you to keep up with what’s popular and hot in 2015, meaning you can better reach out to new customers without spending too much money.

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