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The Truth About How to Increase Your Facebook Reach

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The most common advice on how to increase your Facebook reach begins with the phrase create great content, and that’s not wrong, but it’s not the whole story either. The quality of your content matters, but it’s only one part of the equation – you also need to be smart about how you promote your page, who you target, and how you tailor your content to their needs. Here are 5 tips on how to increase your Facebook reach that will help you spread your message far and wide while keeping customer satisfaction high.

10 Ways To Get Real Facebook Reach

This post contains useful information on Facebook marketing. Use these 10 tips to get real Facebook to reach today.

Create High-Quality Content

Providing readers with high-quality content is not only a great way to reach people. but it’s also a fantastic way to establish your credibility. Creating quality content consistently is a basic pillar of Facebook marketing, and using techniques like link sharing and thoughtful user engagement can really help spread your message further. You can always count on Facebook users’ discretion, so feel free to create detailed posts without worrying about clickbait or other unprofessional practices.

Engage People Without Asking Them To Like Or Comment

Facebook allows users to share posts from your page or write on your wall—something you can take advantage of by encouraging people to post something about your product. When someone likes, comments on, or shares one of your posts, his friends will see it in their newsfeed. Even if that person doesn’t respond directly, his friends may still end up seeing what you’re posting and will be more inclined to check out your brand. Increase your Facebook reach  according to audience targeting.

Make It Easy To Share Your Post

One of Facebook’s goals is for you to have a positive experience on their site. One way Facebook does that is by making it easy for your fans and friends to share your posts with others. Here are three ways to increase Facebook’s reach on your content: Incorporate hashtags in every post; Hashtags make it easy for users to find relevant and popular content about a specific topic.

Post at the Right Time

Facebook is a social network, so you’ll do best by posting at times when your audience is likely to be paying attention. For businesses, these times will likely revolve around customer service hours or scheduled office hours—times when followers are most likely to be looking for information about your business. This isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, of course: if you have something relevant and interesting that might appeal to potential customers outside of regular office hours, it can still be valuable.

Give People a Reason to Talk about Your Post

The secret, I’ve found, is giving people a reason to talk about your post. Give them a question that creates a call-to-action for them (in other words, something they have to do) and they’ll share it. When you ask questions (and when I say questions, I mean open-ended ones), you give people permission to answer—which increases engagement and gets more eyes on your page.

Optimize For Mobile Audiences

Mobile is everywhere these days. A whopping 93% of people are using a smartphone of some kind, and many of them are accessing Facebook directly through their mobile devices. If you want your Facebook posts to be seen, make sure your content is optimized for mobile users.

Optimize for Image Search Results

If you optimize your Facebook page for image search results, you’ll have more exposure and more followers. One great way to do that is by giving each of your posts an image (instead of leaving them blank) and tagging them with keywords relevant to your business. Another great tip? Make sure that all of your images have captions! It will ensure they pop up in Facebook’s picture-search engine.

Promote Other Posts from the Same Page/Business

Instead of paying for promotion on Facebook, reach out to other businesses and organizations that have similar content (for example, a community group or local business) and offer to boost their post in exchange for a share. This is called cross-promotion: you create awareness for each other’s pages and are able to share a mutually beneficial message with one another’s audience. Because Facebook will not allow multiple posts from one page within 24 hours, you may need multiple profiles.

Add Tags and Use Hashtags Correctly

The main reason marketers add tags and hashtags is to increase their reach. While it’s true that you can reach a larger audience through Facebook, if you don’t do it correctly, your posts will go straight into obscurity. The biggest mistake people make with Facebook tags is using too many hashtags on one post; remember, Facebook has a character limit for posts, so your image and hashtags will get chopped off if you use too many of them.

Don’t Limit Yourself to Likes. Target Relevant Groups with Ads.

Facebook advertising is a powerful tool for both growing your business and targeting relevant groups of people. With Facebook ads, you can target users based on age, gender, location, interests, and behaviors they exhibit while browsing Facebook – these can be as specific or as broad as you like. Use your ads to show people relevant content and promote offers that appeal to them.


Facebook marketing can be a powerful platform for growing your business, but only if you know how to reach your audience. The key is figuring out what resonates with your audience and then getting creative about how you showcase that information on Facebook.

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