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9 Instagram Reels prediction for 2022

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In 2019, Instagram Reels—a 30-second video format within the Instagram app—will become increasingly popular and widespread as more brands and influencers use them to share content with their followers. In 2022, there will be no shortage of strategies and tools to help marketers leverage this new video feature, making it possible to connect with audiences in ways that we’ve never been able to before, giving rise to an entirely new visual storytelling medium that could be the future of social media marketing. Here are 10 Instagram Reels predictions for 2022

How Instagram Evolved: Instagram Reel Update

Instagram started out as a place to share filtered photos of your lunch and stuff like that. But in a few short years, it has changed our world—it’s become an ad platform, an Instagram-enabled shopping experience, and even a source of information about breaking news events. In fact, Instagram has been so successful that by 2022 it will be required for all Instagram influencers to include an Instagram reel in every post. This is how these innovative Instagram tools will look by 2022.

1) Create an Engaging Storyline

Will we still be posting photos to Instagram in 10 years? Unlikely, but maybe we’ll be using something called an Instagram Reel. An Instagram reel is a cross between a movie trailer and a slideshow. It gives your followers a glimpse into your life, complete with an engaging storyline, captivating music, and well-timed zooms and pans. Most importantly, it uses pictures instead of text to tell your story. It is also important because 70% of Instagram users watch Instagram Stories every day.

2) Showcase Carefully Curated, Personal Content

Instagram Reels are meant to highlight and share your life—not just products, brands, or businesses. It’s essential to be a tastemaker and showcase carefully curated, personal content that reflects your life. Showcase photos of your kids, pets, travel destinations, home—and be sure to use visual design tricks to make it more appealing! This is how you build a real following on Instagram.

3) Add High-Quality, Original Video Interactions

We’re seeing a major shift in how marketers treat visual content. While many brands simply repurpose TV ads to fit onto Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms, others are creating original video that specifically fits with their audience and makes sense for where they post them. A great example of a company doing things right is Maybelline New York, which has done a stellar job at producing a steady stream of entertaining YouTube videos and images aimed directly at millennials.

4) Incorporate Animation and Stickers

At first, stickers seemed like a cutesy, gimmicky feature of Instagram. But now it’s clear that they’re here to stay and will become increasingly central to Instagram in coming years. In fact, research shows that 93% of viewers find stories engaging when there are graphics or photos in them. So if you’re not including animated GIFs or video, you might as well be putting them into regular posts—which is essentially giving your content away for free.

5) Include Interactive Quizzes

Interactive content is more engaging, especially when used in quizzes. However, creating it is a challenge as you’ll need to have someone skilled in design and development work on it. If you can pull it off, interactive quiz content will boost engagement.


6) Embed Social Media Videos on Instagram Reels

Ten years ago, if you wanted to use social media, you had to be on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. In 10 years, however, we can expect social media outlets to have changed dramatically, and it will be possible to embed videos from a host of different sources into your pages and feeds. The growing popularity of video content marketing is a good indicator that embedded videos will soon become commonplace on social platforms like Instagram and Facebook. So what does that mean? It means that Instagram is focusing more on Instagram Reels.

7) Use All of Instagram Stories’ Filters/Effects Options

As of August 2017, you’re able to use every single filter/effect option in Instagram Stories. The app has kept up with its rival Snapchat and also introduced a new wrinkle with an optional sticker you can add over photos or videos. These stickers are dynamic—they respond to taps, pinches, and swipes just like in Snapchat. It’s another fun way to mix up your content on Instagram Stories!

8) New Ways to Share Links and Text

Since 2002, companies like Snapchat and Facebook have developed new and improved ways to share photos. However, these platforms are now updating their features to include more than just images—they’re focusing on videos, text, GIFs, video games, shopping sites, and more. This shift will help you better connect with your target audience by making it easier for them to share whatever they want—all on one platform. Plus, it will be easy to share your own content across multiple platforms in a variety of formats.

9) Team Up with an Influencer

If you’re in a niche industry, chances are you have a wealth of industry influencers that would be happy to team up with you on a project. From cooking meals and writing out recipes to creating an online course or guest blogging on your site, there are endless ways you can collaborate with influencers in your space.  collaboration is the only way to boost your sales.

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