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The 10 Dos and Don’ts of Video Marketing for Lead Generation

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Video marketing has become increasingly popular over the past few years, and it’s easy to see why. By 2016, it’s estimated that over 80% of all internet traffic will be video-based, so it makes sense to start incorporating it into your lead generation strategies. However, video marketing can be tricky to do well if you don’t have much experience with it or aren’t really sure what you should be doing with it in the first place. For some helpful tips on how to use video marketing for lead generation, here are the 10 dos and don’ts you need to know!

1) Do Make Your Videos Informative

Though it might seem silly to explain how a faucet works in a video about home renovation, it’s actually helpful. Customers are more likely to purchase from someone they feel they know, and you want to build trust with potential leads by teaching them what they need to know. You can then encourage them to contact you via your lead generation form or through another medium.

2) Do Keep Them Short

 Create a video but try to make it short. Video marketing lead generation can be a great way to engage with customers—or it can drive them away. In order to make video marketing work, you need to keep your videos short. Your primary goal is getting leads; length isn’t your biggest concern. Focus on making videos that have a point and are easy to watch. Make sure you capture users’ attention within about 15 seconds, or less if possible.

3) Do Use Words on Your Video

Using text on videos is a great way to boost lead generation. Video marketing allows people to see your business as more than just a name, it allows them to put a face to it. As they’re watching your video, they can read what you are saying at that moment if they want to know more about you or even if they’re looking for specific information. This is perfect because once you get their attention with the video, you can keep it by adding text throughout the video.

4) Do Optimize Your Videos for SEO

While video marketing is less commonly used than other forms of marketing, it still brings in a significant amount of traffic. Optimizing your videos for SEO (search engine optimization) by including relevant terms in the titles, tags, descriptions, etc. can help you get even more views. Just remember that if you want to use SEO to attract visitors to your site then ensure that you’re actually producing content people will find useful.


5) Do Add a Call-to-Action to Every Video

Just as important as your video content, is a call-to-action at its end. Whether you’re asking viewers to sign up for your email list or share a product on Facebook, make sure to have an actionable CTA. You should also provide social sharing options so that they can easily connect with you on these platforms. Be creative in how you structure your CTAs!

6) Don’t Add Intrusive Ads for video marketing

Your video is advertising your product, not those banner ads above. If your goal is to drive people to a landing page (which should be), make sure that they are able to reach it easily without being distracted by in-video ads. If you’re going to run ads, keep them inconspicuous. This doesn’t mean don’t advertise—just advertise in a way that does not detract from your message.

7) Don’t Overdo Your Titles/Headlines

Headlines are your most valuable marketing tool. They can make or break your lead generation campaigns, so you want to make sure that you’re not wasting them on long-winded, unappealing sentences. Keep your title short and concise, allowing it to be a concise representation of what your audience can expect from reading further into the content below.

8) Don’t Forget Calls-to-Action on Non-Video Content as well

If you’re posting infographics, photos, slideshows, or other material that doesn’t feature video content in your social media campaigns, remember to still include calls-to-action. If you want your users to take certain action with your content (such as signing up for more information or purchasing a product), remind them at a strategic point in the post.

9) Do Use Closed Captions If Needed

Captions are a must when you’re trying to reach international or hard-of-hearing viewers. They also aid viewers who are watching in a noisy environment, like on public transportation or at work.

10) Be Careful With What Platforms You Share your Videos On

The biggest video marketing mistake business owners make is taking a shotgun approach to distributing their videos. While sharing your video on as many platforms as possible can help get it in front of more people, you want to be selective when choosing which sites to distribute your video on. Each platform has its own audience, and each audience is better suited for some types of content than others.


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