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7 Digital Marketing Skills That Will Wow Your Clients  

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Digital marketing has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years, with more and more companies now building their business on digital platforms. This can seem overwhelming to those who are just starting out, but this doesn’t have to be the case! With these seven digital marketing skills, you’ll be able to wow your clients and show them that you have everything they need to reach new heights in their business, all while growing yours as well!

1. Digital Marketing Agency.

If you want to ensure that your digital media agency has a solid foundation, hire people who have a strong grasp of digital marketing best practices. Look for demonstrated skills in analytics, social media, and content marketing. All three areas are vital to success online. A creative flair is also nice, but only if it’s applied in service of authentic engagement with customers and prospects. The most effective digital marketers draw their inspiration from real-world challenges: How can I get more people to sign up for my email newsletter?

2. Content Marketing Company.

Content marketing has become an essential piece of most digital marketers’ repertoire. Crafting compelling, valuable content for your target audience builds trust and drives traffic back to your website—no doubt about it. Still, some companies are still scratching their heads about where to start with content marketing. Even if you fall into that category, there’s no need to stress.

3. Video Production Firm.

Video is a must in marketing because it’s one of the most efficient ways to capture and hold a person’s attention. The biggest change in digital marketing over 2018 will be how video becomes integrated with other content types on websites, social media feeds, email campaigns, blogs, and webinars. There will be many more people producing and hosting videos on behalf of brands, but there will also be an increase in freelance videographers producing professional-looking content for businesses.

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4. Digital Marketing Strategy.

When you’re starting to market a new product or service, figuring out what content is most relevant and will resonate with your audience can be difficult. This can be made even more challenging when dealing with multiple groups that have different wants and needs. To create an effective digital marketing strategy, it’s important to develop a comprehensive understanding of your target audience. A good digital marketing strategy is established by following Seo international techniques.

5. User Experience Design (UX)

UX is one of those buzzwords that’s so ubiquitous, you may think everyone knows what it means. But if you haven’t heard of it before, or aren’t quite sure how to explain it, here’s a crash course: UX is a combination of many disciplines that has to do with designing digital systems (think apps and websites) in a way that makes users happiest and most productive.

6. Technology Firm.

It’s true that technology is eating marketing. But in a good way. These days, every business wants to harness digital marketing skills to reach their audience and make them come back for more. But with so many channels out there, it can be hard to find reliable advice on how to hone your skills as a digital marketer.

7. Executive Coaching.

A good executive coach can change your life, helping you overcome both professional and personal hurdles. While it’s important to select a coach with experience in your industry and proven results, it’s equally vital that you feel a connection with him or her. So ask questions during your initial consultation to get a sense of how well you fit together before signing on. Once onboard, give feedback often—regular check-ins will help keep you moving forward and feeling accountable to each other along the way.


Yes, times are changing in digital marketing. And no, you don’t have to be a programmer to succeed. But having a working knowledge of digital marketing can definitely help your career prospects and that of your clients.

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