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What You Need to Know About Scheduling Pinterest Pins in 2022

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How do you schedule Pinterest Pins? Should you use the Pin it buttons or the Schedule button? Is there a difference between Pinterest scheduled pins and those that are only pinned at the current time? This guide will help answer all of these questions, as well as some others related to scheduling Pinterest Pins in 2022.

The Basics of Pinterest Pins

To create a calendar of pins, log into your Pinterest account and click Create Calendar. (A calendar is necessary if you’re pinning at least once a day.) Then, under Choose Your Platform, select Pinterest. Follow these instructions to schedule your first pin, or simply hover over a pin and then click on the cogwheel icon next to your username in blue.

Using Scheduling Tools

Technology is making life easier for businesses of all sizes and shapes. If you’re operating an online store, you can make your social media marketing a little more streamlined by using third-party scheduling tools like Pinterest scheduler, Tailwind, and Hootsuite. These apps allow you to schedule posts (and sometimes entire social media campaigns) well in advance, giving your future self enough time to plan ahead without missing a beat.

Timeline of Pinterest Pins

The Timeline section allows you to add a year and month, along with days and times. For instance, if you wanted to schedule a pin for Tuesday at 1 p.m., you would input Tuesday as your day, 1 p.m. as your time, and October 22nd as your date. The Pin It buttons will become active once you select a date in Timeline.

Schedule in the Future

If you’re looking to schedule your pins for the future, it’s important to know how far ahead you can go. When scheduling on Pinterest, there are three possibilities:

1) you can pin at a specific date and time in the future;

2) you can schedule multiple pins or repins for each day of a week, or

3) you can make all your posts for a month.

Tips for Successful Pinterest Pins

To get started, you need to know how you’re going to schedule your pins. We’ll take a look at all of your options in a moment, but let’s start with an overview of each. Firstly, you can post directly from your phone or computer; both are easy and convenient ways of pinning quickly.


Some Common Pitfalls

There are a few common mistakes that we see businesses make when it comes to scheduling pins. First, you have to consider how long your post will stay relevant. If your content goes out of date quickly (like an expiration date on a product or service), set an end date for your pinning.

Key Takeaways

The schedule pin feature is being removed from Pinterest in mid-2022. If you use it, your Pinterest pins will stop showing up on people’s feeds. However, existing pinned content won’t be affected until mid-2023, so it’s possible that you can keep using schedule pins for a while without affecting your account. The best solution is to start scheduling your pins via buffer or a social media management tool if you haven’t already.


Where should I schedule my pins? In order to effectively schedule your Pinterest pins, you need an app. There are many third-party apps that are geared toward helping you schedule, like Tailwind and Later. Both of these are great solutions. However, if you’re looking for a more official solution from Pinterest, they recently rolled out Pin it Later, which allows you to schedule 10 pins at a time.


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