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How to Rank YouTube Videos with YouTube SEO

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YouTube SEO can be tricky, but the more you learn about it and use it, the better your ranking will be and the more likely you are to show up in YouTube search results. The key to YouTube videos is relevance, so if your video isn’t something that people will want to watch when they search for a certain keyword or phrase, then your video probably won’t rank well for that phrase or keyword regardless of how good your keyword research and backlinks are. So if you want to rank your YouTube videos by using Youtube SEO, here are some of the best ways to do it.

Chapter 1: The Basics

You’ve got content, now what? For optimal YouTube SEO and rankings, you need to have a view of your competitors. What sort of videos are ranking for relevant search terms, and what can you do to get similar ones in your target list?

Chapter 2: Optimizing Your Videos Titles

It’s extremely important that you use correct titles on your YouTube videos. Google and other search engines use them in their indexing of your videos, so they must include key phrases that you want people to find you by. If your video is about WordPress, for example, then it needs to have WordPress somewhere in its title.

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Chapter 3: Optimizing tips for social media platforms

In order for your video to rank, you need keywords. This chapter gives some great advice on what kinds of words and phrases to use and why they’re important. It also explains how best to use titledescription and video tags—three other places where you can include keywords. One tip: Be sure your description is between 150-250 characters so that it shows up in search results as well as in YouTube’s subscription box on their homepage.

Chapter 4: YouTube SEO Strategy

YouTube SEO is all about getting your videos found on YouTube, so they can be seen by a larger audience. There are several ways you can do that, but let’s start by looking at two important numbers: 90% and 3%. The first number, 90%, refers to how many people typically don’t watch a video until about 90 seconds into it—and even then, only 10% of viewers make it all the way through.

Chapter 5: Ranking Videos On YouTube

Knowing Your Audience, The first step in ranking videos on YouTube knows your audience. You don’t want people you don’t care about watching or sharing your video, and you certainly don’t want them subscribing. So take a look at who has already watched or shared your videos, either by looking at views or subscribers. Do they have similar interests? What are they looking for?


Making your video rank well on YouTube can be a tricky feat. While it may seem simple at first, there are so many factors that go into ranking on YouTube that people fail to consider when initially going out. Hopefully, you’ve learned about these tips and tricks for ranking your videos well on search engines like Google and Bing. Remember, don’t be afraid of trying new things! If you want to learn more about effective SEO techniques for your business, feel free to reach out anytime.

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