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6 LinkedIn Ad Techniques You Probably Haven’t Tried

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LinkedIn ads (also known as LinkedIn Sponsored Updates) are an excellent way to reach potential customers and strengthen connections with your existing network, but many advertisers don’t take full advantage of this powerful platform. In fact, many small businesses don’t know they can use LinkedIn ads to promote their products and services! Here are six overlooked LinkedIn ad techniques that could help you outdo your competitors.


1) Remarketing Lists

There’s a great chance that you know what remarketing is—but have you really gotten down to business with it? Remarketing lists for search ads are where Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads begin to line up. Any remarketing list on LinkedIn must be connected to a Google Analytics tracking ID, and vice versa. This means that your LinkedIn ads can run in tandem with display campaigns, YouTube campaigns, or any other ad campaign you’re running through Google. LinkedIn marketing tips are essential for LinkedIn growth.


2) Website Retargeting

Some companies will allow you to show your ads only to users who have previously visited their website. This means you can target a highly qualified audience that is already interested in your product or service, saving you time and money on lead generation. The ROI of retargeting is much higher than any other form of online advertising because it’s so targeted. Be careful, though; if your campaign isn’t done correctly, these users might view your ads as annoying.


3) Tailored Audiences

One of LinkedIn’s most powerful and underused ad targeting options is its Tailored Audiences feature. It allows you to focus your ads on an incredibly specific audience and get quite granular in your demographic filtering. The main benefit of using Tailored Audiences is that it allows you to target based on people who have already engaged with your content.


4) Video Ads

Promoted videos are YouTube ads that appear before or during another video. The first step is to set up your ad campaign, which can include targeting specific people and interest groups, choosing whether you want your video to be pre-roll or in-stream, and picking how much you’re willing to pay for each impression. The next step is to create a video—it should be short (less than two minutes) and informative.


5) The Like Button

LinkedIn has introduced a lot of cool new features, but one of my favorites is called The Like Button. Using it allows you to target your ad specifically to people who already like your company page on LinkedIn. This increases conversion rates for those visitors who are already interested in what you have to offer! If that sounds interesting, there’s no need to pause here and try it out. Keep reading and I’ll tell you more!


6) Look-alike Audiences

Lookalike audiences allow you to target your ad to people who are likely to be interested in it based on their similarity to a group of your past customers. If you sell coffee machines, for example, but only have information about how many coffee machines were sold in general or even how many coffee machines were sold by a specific model, you can create lookalike audiences from an initial list of purchasers and then reach out to users with similar interests on Facebook.



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