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4 Major Instagram Changes in 2022

4 Major updates in Instagram in 2022
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Do you always want to know how to optimize your Instagram for 2022? Five years from now, Instagram will be completely different from what it is today. It will look and act differently; it will have new features and functionality; many of its users will be far different from what they are today. In 2022, Instagram will have a larger user base, different demographics, and unique business models that you need to know about right now if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Here are 4 major Instagram changes you need to know about in 2022 in order to avoid being left behind by your competitors in the social media space.

#1. Major Instagram Changes That Effects New Marketers.

Instagram has been a very important social media platform that has changed people’s life. If you are an entrepreneur and want to do business on Instagram, then you have to learn some tips that will help your business expand. The following are four major Instagram changes in 2022 you need to know about Photo Grid Algorithm – Instagram announced that it was testing out a new photo grid algorithm for their users; with which users can now swipe left and right through different photos and videos on their feed.

The major Instagram changes were implemented to keep Instagram users engaged more often, so they don’t abandon using Instagram, as what happened with Snapchat. Some of these features include: Watching Stories from Instagram DMs – Which means users can watch stories from direct message requests from influencers or other people who follow them. However, if the user is not keen enough, he/she won’t get notified about it unless he/she manually checks his/her DM inbox by logging into the Instagram app.

The User Experience Interface:

The user experience interface is one of the major Instagram changes in 2022. Instagram is being updated to simplify actions like following other users, liking content, and sharing photos. But how will that affect marketers? For starters, they’ll have a better chance of interacting with their audience. Users will also be able to customize their feeds based on interest categories or individual users—so expect more targeted advertising.

Other Social Media Integration:

Instagram is quickly becoming one of our favorite social media channels, but it isn’t alone in 2022. Expect integration with Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. This will give brands more room for organic promotion; but if you want guaranteed impressions and engagement from your current followers, you’ll need to pay up. High-visibility sponsored posts are likely where Instagram sees revenue potential next year…but only time will tell if users bite.

Reaching User’s Favorites And Following Views

Instagram updated its algorithm to change how users interacted with and viewed posts from their friends, meaning that it would no longer be possible for businesses and individuals alike to buy followers or likes. Additionally, Instagram stated that instead of seeing recent posts from your friends at all times on your feed, it will only display them occasionally (though never less than once a day). This is intended as a positive step toward reducing depression and anxiety among users by providing an opportunity for personal growth.

#2:  Instagram Video Content Is Gaining More Attention

Another significant major Instagram change is video content. Although Instagram is mostly known for its image content, it’s also increasingly being used as a video platform. Instagram has been constantly expanding its video capabilities since introducing 15-second videos in 2013, and now makes it possible for people to post one minute of footage on their accounts. This will be beneficial for businesses because more and more people are watching videos on social media. In fact, 54% of consumers watch videos online every week.

 Planning Content For Short Video

Instagram is now heavily investing in Reels, which means it will prioritize entertaining and quick video content. When creating your content, think about how you can use Instagram’s two-minute time limit to your advantage. If a viewer stops watching at any point, they should still get some value out of what they’ve seen so far. Longer videos, on the other hand, maybe too much for someone scanning through their feed. Remember: If a viewer doesn’t watch all of it, it’s not considered a video view; it’s just an impression.

Interested in learning how to create Remix? Check out this article with step-by-step instructions. In the first step, choose the reel to remix and then tap the three dots on the bottom right of the screen. Select the Remix option from the Reel pop-up menu, and then a new window will appear with two screens-one for the video you want to remix and the other for a video recorder.

Reel and Remix Controls

When you tap the shutter button, the video recording will start. To preview the reels you made, tap on Edit. You can also add stickers or filters if you want. After you finish editing the template, make sure to share it with others. As with the TikTok Duets app, the Remix feature has been launched to enable more collaborations, wider reach, and optimized engagement. Likewise, marketers can post content on Remix and reach larger and more influential audiences.

Here are a few Remix content ideas:

  • Reaction remix
  • Dancing duets 
  • Lip-syncing 
  • Feedback
Reel video content creation

A smart way to optimize engagement is to put out content for people to remix your video. Allow other people to edit your video and then share it. The Remix function on your Instagram video is enabled by tapping the three-line icon in the top-right corner of your profile. From there, toggle to on. It provides others with the ability to create promotional videos of yours – maybe not just one, but all of them, thus significantly boosting your reach and exposure.

Long-form Video Content Planning

Despite Instagram’s shifting priorities to shorter videos, some sectors and niche audiences can still benefit from longer video content that can explore ideas and queries in more depth. Examples of this kind of long-form video content are shown below:

  • Industry experts Interviews
  • How-to-videos or Tutorials 
  • Services or Products service demos with more detail
  • Case studies

#3: Unethical Marketing Consequences

This year, Instagram is cracking down on unethical marketing tactics. In November, they announced a change to their terms of service that prohibits businesses from interacting with users who have blocked or muted their accounts. The new rules will take effect in January 2020. If you run an Instagram business account, and you’re caught breaking these rules, your account could be deleted—permanently! How are brands responding?

Instagram gives users as much control as possible over their in-app experience. That includes them managing what they do and who sees their content and information. Moreover, two notable features, one for teenage protection and the other for adult user experience. These two features are given below: 

  • The Take a Break feature

If you follow a lot of accounts and try not to waste time scrolling through images, Instagram’s new Take a break feature might make your life a little easier. In an effort to help people make time for their relationships, productivity, and well-being in the apps they use most often, we’re starting to test Take a Break with Messenger and Instagram Direct messages, wrote Instagram in its announcement.

  • Increase in parental controls in the app

Instagram is introducing a new set of filters for parents that will enable them to more easily monitor their children’s usage. Instagram has also introduced a reporting feature that enables users to flag questionable content, making it easier for other users or Instagram itself to remove inappropriate posts. In 2022, we’ll see even more parental controls in place on Instagram, as well as on Facebook and Snapchat. These platforms are trying very hard not only to become family-friendly, but also to appeal to advertisers.

4 major Instagram changes in 2022


#4: Monetization Through Subscribers

If you have a large following on Instagram, that’s an enormous opportunity. While advertising is certainly available, having your customers pay directly for goods and services will always be more lucrative. Think of companies like Birch box or Dollar Shave Club; they charge customers monthly fees in exchange for a box of curated products delivered straight to their door. If you have a huge Instagram following, why not try creating your own subscription service?


Instagram is set for big changes over the next few years. As Instagram content continues to evolve, it’s important for users, brands, and influencers alike, to understand how each change could affect their ability to gain new followers, expand their reach and increase engagement on posts. Here are 4 Instagram updates you need to know about.

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