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10 Tips to Make Your YouTube Videos More Successful

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You’ve heard all the hubbub about YouTube lately, and you’re curious what all the hype is about. As an entrepreneur, you may be wondering whether a YouTube channel could be the next big thing for your business (after all, everyone’s got one!) and if you should invest time and money into creating videos. Before you make that decision, it’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into first – so here are 10 tips to help your YouTube videos succeed!


1) Choose your platform

YouTube is probably one of your best platforms for content, but you should also be posting videos on Facebook, Instagram, Vine, and other sites as well. Make sure you’re using different titles and descriptions depending on where your video lives. A successful YouTube video can get lots of views (and more importantly, shares) there. But it’s a strong showing elsewhere that will help you build your brand identity in real life.


2) Get clear on your goal

Start by clarifying what your YouTube goals are. Do you want more subscribers, or do you want more views? Do you just want people to watch your videos, or do you want them to take some sort of action afterward?


3) Offer a solution

In general, there are two common mistakes that people make when trying to create more successful YouTube videos. One is thinking too small, not imagining how you can make something amazing for your viewers. The other is thinking too big and forgetting about what makes a video successful, in terms of both form and function. So let’s try out some ways we can make our videos bigger and better.


4) Grab the attention right away

When it comes to YouTube, your first 20 seconds are everything. If you’re not able to captivate viewers and keep them engaged in that span of time, chances are they won’t stick around for another second. And when you’re trying to create a successful YouTube channel, you need all of your videos to succeed—not just a few favorites. For starters, start with a catchy title.


5) Use good quality audio and visuals

The quality of your YouTube videos is paramount. It doesn’t matter how many views you get if no one watches them because they’re too pixelated or full of glitches. Make sure you know what good video quality looks like before you even begin creating your channel. Learn how to edit and compress your videos properly so that they look professional and high-quality, then upload them at full quality whenever possible.


6) Engage them, don’t talk to them

We all want attention, and that’s what you get when you speak directly into a camera. However, that kind of direct communication can easily turn into a lecture, which turns viewers off. Instead of talking directly to your audience, try narrating while recording in the first person.


7) Use calls to action

One of your primary goals with a video is to get viewers to take action. That might mean signing up for an email list, purchasing a product or service, contacting you directly—whatever it may be, you want your videos helping you advance your business goals in some way. Calls-to-action is very important in accomplishing that goal and letting people know what they should do next.


8) Make it long enough (2 minutes+) but not too long (less than 5 minutes!)

If you’re creating content for marketing purposes, then you want it to be as long as it needs to be, but not too long. It’s important for your viewers and your search engine optimization (SEO) that videos fall within a certain time limit. If they are too short, then viewers may become distracted from their viewing or exit them entirely.


9) Don’t forget the call to action at the end!

And finally, always remember that a video is only as effective as its call to action—it’s your opportunity to turn an interested viewer into a supporter. Include a clear request in your video’s description and annotations for viewers who enjoyed what they saw (e.g., want more? Watch my other videos here!) so that you can stay top-of-mind when it comes time for them to get involved.


10) Consider podcast format videos too

Visualizing topics through podcasts can really help get your point across. With shorter audio clips, you can be more precise in what you’re trying to say without feeling like you have too much content.


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